what to wear for your winter photoshoots

Winter Photoshoots are not as popular as summer as most people dont think its a very pretty backdrop. The truth is Winter can give you some amazing colour schemes and a completely different look . If the weather has been anything to go by over the last two days you really cant imagine yourself going outside in the blistering cold. But There are some advantages to the cold . Here are some outfit options to consider :

Beanies ,boots and scarves

This look definitely says winter and allows you to stay warm for the photoshoot. They are also a great way to add some colour into the shoot and get some playful shots if you use them as props. Women always look great in long boots no matter what shape you are in so even if you are feeling a little self conscious this is a great look to go with.

Jeans, Jackets and jerseys

Jeans and wool have great textures and are a nice way to show the season. Its also cool enough to wear wool jerseys or a warm leather jacket without being uncomfortable .

Burgundy Mustard and Navy

Warm colours really work best so anything in the reds and oranges generally works well. Offset with navy blue jeans for example and you have a winner. There are lots of different colour schemes that will work though, these are just my favourites. But for inspiration check out this pinterest blog 




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