Wedding cake ideas and inspiration from previous weddings

Lets face it we all know its not a party until there’s cake! But choosing a wedding cake can be a daunting task . There are so many flavours and types out there. Then to top it off you need to choose a way to decorate it. It can be a little overwhelming to decide. Should you stick with a classic elegant look ? Or should you have some fun with it? Maybe something completely different like real cheese? Or move away from a traditional cake and go with cupcakes or doughnuts. If you have a specific theme then you could incorporate it into your wedding cake.  Luckily having been a wedding photographer for several years I do have a catalogue of  some really unique ideas and inspiration. Decorating your cake is where you can really go to town and get creative .  If you need some inspiration or arent sure then below are some great wedding cake ideas. I hope these can help you out and let you have fun creating and planning your cake 🙂

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