Lifestyle family photography with Annelien and Michiel at Highveld Honey Farms

Annelien and Michiel come to me once a year for  lifestyle family photography shoot with their two children Anzell and Michiel (jnr). They choose a different location each year. This year they chose to have the photoshoot at Highveld honey farms. This is a relatively new venue I am using for photoshoots but it really is a beautiful option. The extensive gardens offer several great backgrounds for any type of photo. There is always an advantage to bringing your children once a year for photos. For one, you have an updated library of photos as they grow up . For another they are very used to the camera and we get more and better photos each year as they actually start to look forward to their photoshoot rather than be intimidated by it. This means we get more natural photos as well . As they start to become less aware of the camera and interact with their parents more readily it becomes easier to prompt them and have fun during the photoshoot.

I also offer discounts for return customers which makes this a more affordable option.

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