3 Great reasons to have a Johannesburg winter photoshoot

People generally dont think of having a johannesburg winter photoshoot . It tends to be cold outside and they prefer to stay indoors. But for those that brave the cold winter really has some great things to offer

johannesburg winter photoshoot

Beautiful evening light

johannesburg winter photoshoot

In johannesburg winters are normally dry . This means there is more dust in the air. The result is that the evening light or what we refer to as the golden hour is truly golden.. You are more likely to get this amazing type of light around sunset. Sunsets are normally a beautiful orange colour and seems to touch everything in sight. If you love this kind of lighting then this is definitely the time do your photoshoot

Different photo outfits and looks

Since its so cold you can also get a completely different look , dressing up in cosy jerseys and beanies or scarves brings a certain warmth to the photos . Couples poses can also get more cuddly and really give off a winter vibe.

Great winter Discounts

If thats not enough you can also normally get great discounts for a winter photoshoot as this tends to be a quieter time . Renphotos is offering a ten percent discount for all outdoor lifestyle, family and couple photoshoots to celebrate the beautiful winter light. Click here to enquire and claim your winter photoshoot discount . Offer valid until end of July.


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