Johannesburg Wedding photography tips 1:You get out what you put in

When planning your wedding we definitely spend hours looking dreamily at beautiful wedding photos . But what really goes in to making these photos? The simple answer is the more effort you put in the more you get out. Here are some of the things to consider


The more time you set aside for photos on the day the more you will get out of it. Of course you need to balance this with your guests and just enjoying your day instead of staring into a camera lens all day but do bear in mind that the photos will last a lifetime. For your couple photos alone you should set aside between half an hour and an hour at least.

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Photography is the study of light. It stands to reason then that the photographer will know when the best time of day will be for your photos. Good late afternoon light is needed for those romantic couple photos you see in the golden hour and for great night photos they need to be taken about half an hour after sunset when the sky is still indigo in colour and not completely dark. It is a good idea to plan around these times of day especially if you want good wedding couple photos.

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One of the things I insist on is meeting with a wedding couple before the wedding.  Preferably doing a venue viewing as well at the time of day that the main wedding photos will be taken. This may seem trivial to the couple in the beginning but by the end of these meetings it is very apparent to them why this needs to be done. There are so many small things that they have not thought about and might not understand. I have been a wedding photographer for many years and know what works on the day to ensure things move smoothly so it is highly recommended to take the advice given at these meetings. simple things like getting a prop like the bike below can really bring something different to your wedding photos.

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4.Creativity and inspiration

Inspiration is so important for your wedding. Perusing sites such as pinterest can really help . Communicating certain images to your photographer is also a great idea so that we can get a better idea of what you want from your photos. creative and unique ideas are always great and any good photographer will be happy to do them with you . It is after all an expression of who you are 🙂

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    Thanks for taking the time to put this list together & sharing with us. I’ve experience around 5 years or more in wedding photography, and I always look for gaining more knowledge and ideas towards my work. Looking forward to reading more from you. Thanks again!

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