The family photo session in theory should only take about 20 minutes of your time. But for this to happen it really has to be managed well and thought through properly. This then leaves you more time to enjoy your wedding couple photography session . Which is ultimately what you really want. So here are some wedding photography tips for family photos and how to manage them.

Pick a good spot for your family photos

Try to find a good spot for your family photos at your wedding. This is also why a venue viewing with your photographer is a good idea. Photographers view the lighting situation and can prepare accordingly. They can see what will make an interesting background for your family photos as well. You can add elements here if you don’t want this to be too static . Such as a couch or bench to make things more interesting.

Compile a list of family photos

The first thing you should do is put a list together of who you want in the family photos. You should try to keep this to a minimum . You can allow time for more photos during the reception by table if you are worried about leaving anyone out. But this time should be reserved for your main family members . Once you have compiled the list try to put it in an order that allows bigger groups to be finished first. So they can filter off and enjoy your welcome drinks. This gradually makes the family group more manageable and things will start to flow better. Also bear in mind that kids and grandparents should be given priority . Mainly because grandparents shouldn’t be made to stand around too long. And kids are more likely to get restless the longer they have to wait.

Once you have finished your wedding family list send an email out to the people who will be in the family photos. Some members are not sure if they should be in these photos or not . So this will allow them not to have any doubt about that. let them know when these photos will be and where you will have them taken so that they are aware of it.

Make sure your MC takes control

Directly after the ceremony ends but before everyone leaves to line up for confetti – let your MC take over for a few minutes . They can tell everyone while they are still seated that family photos will be done straight after confetti and the big group photo of everyone . If they can please remain behind while the rest of the guests go for welcome drinks.

Your MC should also have a copy of the list. They can then call each group to be ready for the next photo while your photographer is busy with the current photo. You cannot leave this to the photographer as they are busy trying to take the photo and can’t organise people at the same time. They also don’t know who these people are so it is difficult to find them. Don’t leave this task to yourselves either as you will be in each photo and cannot quickly go and call someone. Try to pick an MC or someone who is bossy and loud for this task . Rounding up people for photos is a bit like herding cats!

End with your Bridal party pictures

fun bridal party photo ideas

The bridal party should come last in your group photography line up. This way all the family members are done and have disappeared and you can get more creative with them . Also if the bridal party are waiting around you can use them to go and fetch certain wayward family members who have decided to go and be social instead 🙂

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