Wedding photography props – some ideas

wedding photography propsWhen it comes to wedding photography it sometimes seems that the photos can be the same everywhere. If you want to get more unique photos one thing to consider is using props in your photos. these can be items that you are already using in the wedding such as the veil.

Another element to use is the wedding rings. This small symbol can create some powerful imagery and be used in many creative ways. you can add other elements such as these scrabble pieces :

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Or you could do something creative using the bride and groom :

wedding photography props


Modes of transport are another great photography Prop. This can range from bicycles to cars. Its great if its a personal vehicle belonging to the bride and groom as this is something they can really appreciate in years to come.

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For the more adventurous it is great to think outside the box. Using elements that show what kind of wedding it was such as this can also be an option.

wedding photography props Whatever you decide to use remember to use it in a creative way that compliments the wedding. It is a good idea to talk this over with the bride and groom and get them to send ideas they love for the shoot. The more involved they are the better as this will bring their personal touch into the photos. It is after all their wedding.


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