Wedding night photos – ideas and inspiration for this add on

Wedding night photos are an add on to your normal wedding couple photos. Some may not think it is necessary. But as a photographer I can tell you that they add some variety to your wedding photography. Its a chance to create something really dramatic . Depending on the venue you have there are different lighting situations you can play around with . The time of day for night wedding photography is really important . The best light is about 10 minutes after sunset where the sky has gone an inky blue colour. Trust your photographer to get you some amazing night shots at the end of your wedding couple session. Generally they will ask you to stand facing each other as the photos are normally a silhouette with light behind you . But if there is more ambient light like fairy lights or sparklers you can do a few different poses. So think about getting some of these things to add to your wedding day or ask your wedding  venue or photographer if they supply them.  If you need some inspiration and ideas here are a few .

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