East Rand Gauteng Photography Venues

As I am based on the east rand these Gauteng photography venues are the closest to me and the ones I know the best and use often.  There are many options to choose from so check them all out below. There are also links to previous shoots done at each of these venues which you can go and see . This will give you a better idea of what to expect from each photography venue.

Please also take note that some venues do charge or might have restrictions and only allow certain times or days. Booking is essential. If you have any questions about a venue please give us a shout we will gladly answer them.

Kenmuir Road Gauteng photography venue

benoni matric dance photography Gauteng photography venuesbenoni matric dance photography Gauteng photography venues

Kenmuir Road is also a rustic venue and public space but does not get busy like homestead dam does. This long road has plenty to offer from tall eucalyptus trees to long veld grass. It changes drastically with each season and allows for a different colour palette every time. take a look at some of the previous shoots below.

Driving to the venue the road does have a few potholes but is manageable. However I  do recommend a high rise vehicle if you want to use the dam area as the road in there is a dirt bumpy road. Also be prepared for some walking and being in the bush as this is a rustic venue. There are various places I like to use along the road  So I will often stop at one spot for a bit then drive to the next.

You are also welcome to leave your car parked on the road somewhere and get into my vehicle if you want to use the dam. Or alternatively leave your vehicle at my house and drive with me. (amount of people dependent)

Lezaan and ‘Nicky Matric

Leeann and Elroy engagement

Phindile and Dewald

Denisha and Louis

Megan and Calvin

Vega Equestrian Centre

east rand family photos - gauteng photography venueseast rand family photos - gauteng photography venues

Vega Equestrian is situated on the Plots in Zesfontein. This is one of my favourite  gauteng photography venues to use . This beautiful space has so much to offer in terms of Old buildings , open fields and gum trees. Then of course there are the horses :). If you love horses like I do then this is definitely the venue for you.

The venue charges 300 rand if you are having photos taken with me as your photographer. With this you are allowed the use of one horse on lead in the shoot. If the horses are still in the field at the time of your shoot you may also have a few with them in the background.

Things to Consider before choosing this venue

I have experience with horses and know how to work with them safely in this environment .  However The use of the venue and its horses is still completely at your own risk. Please note you also cannot ride the horses or put anyone on them in the photoshoot.

As beautiful and charming as this venue is you should also know that it can be quite challenging. There is a lot of walking involved , so flats are recommended in between areas if you are planning on wearing heels. It is very rustic and things like black jacks , spear grass, dust and uneven ground are normal things you need to consider.

The road out is also not good. A high rise vehicle is recommended to go out but not essential. I would not recommend taking a sports car out there. It is difficult to find so I would prefer if you meet me by the bunny park and follow me out. Alternatively you can leave your vehicle at my house and drive out with me ( amount of people dependent).

Anzell & Riaan couple photoshoot

Matric photos Rochelle and Jean

Family Photography with Madeleine

Maternity photoshoot Shivanie and Jason

Proposal photoshoot Johnry and Lache

Family photos Annelien and Michiel

Homestead Dam, Benoni

engagement photography benoni.engagement photography benoni.

This dam is located in farrarmere, benoni. It is free to use but it is also a public space. This means you need to be comfortable with other people around while you are having your shoot done. it is a diverse area though and easily accessible. It is great for family photoshoots as there are jungle gyms and swings and ducks to feed if you bring some bread along.

Friends : Alwhin January

Monica Claude and Siska

Roxanne and Delmon

Family photoshoot

Large family photo session

Maternity photo session

Cheryl and Frans Louis

Heavens Gate, Boksburg

heavens gate couple shoot.heavens gate couple shoot.Heavens Gate Photography venue east rand is tucked away in a quiet part of Bartlett, Boksburg. A tranquil venue sporting lakes and weeping willows, hundreds of Swans, and a white Peacock. As a result a fairytale type of atmosphere translates in your photos. The venue may charge for a photo shoot, it is at their discretion. Customers need to book for a short photoshoot here on Heavens Gate website .They will let you know if it is possible to have a photoshoot on your requested date, the time and how much it will cost you.  You can also contact them if you want to hire the venue for a longer period,wedding or function


Cobus and Hillary wedding

Rall family shoot

Christening event

Kels and craig couple shoot

Matric dance Daniel and Walter

Wedding Stefan and Anetta

Rusted Memories Factory

johannesburg family photography. Gauteng photography venuesjohannesburg family photography. Gauteng photography venues

This unique venue has some quirky elements to have photos with like a red bus and telephone booth. It can be great fun for kids or adults alike. There are interesting textures to use as backgrounds as well as the indoor area which can also be used for creative shoots like colour shoots etc. Speak to Dirk or contact them on the rusted memories website


Annelien And Michiel Family Photoshoot

Helen And Jacques first anniversary photos

Highveld Honey Farms

wedding couple photos sessionwedding couple photos session

Highveld Honey farms based in Benoni gives you a beautiful garden setting with tall trees everywhere. The brick paved driveway is perfect for sunset photos and there are plenty of spots to take amazing pics like the ones below. One advantage is that there is a lot of shade at this venue and access is easy so high heels are ok here. And shoots can be done a little earlier if you dont need the sunset photos. The cost to hire the venue is 250 for a one hour shoot and 500 if it is more than this.

Ayesha and Uzair

Chane and Dalton Matric photos

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