Studio photos for a family  to celebrate registration of marriage at home affairs

I did these studio photos for a family who requested a simple photoshoot to remember the day that Asanda and Sipho registered and got married at home affairs. The photos are also a great way to include the kids in this memorable occasion. I love the simplicity of this in comparison to a normal wedding. its really quite refreshing and much less stressful. The family has time to bond and celebrate during the shoot together as well. The kids brought some real character to their photos and were able to messa round with some props once we got the main photos out of the way .

We also did some photos in the street to give them some variety in the photos. The colours they wore also blended perfectly with this winter scene. Asanda was still able to show off a white dress . Although my favourite part of this outfit was actually this mustard coat 🙂

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