Boudoir Maternity Photos in Studio with Keagan and Caryn

Keagan and Caryn approached me to do intimate studio boudoir maternity photos for them. Since it is a boudoir shoot Caryn was definitely more comfortable in my home studio for this. Boudoir photos are a great way to show off your maternity belly and this photoshoot was no exception. We also did a few photos with some new outfits that have come in just to test them out , so you can see if you want to use them for your own maternity photoshoot. Pregnancy photos are a fun way to remember this special time when you are waiting for the birth of your baby. You can combine this with a newborn photoshoot when baby comes. Keagan and caryn did just this. The newborn photoshoot will follow soon. :).

If you are thinking of having your own maternity photoshoot done here are some tips to help you prepare for the shoot. 

Or you can use these simple pointers:

1.find a good fitting dress or top

2. plan your shoot between 30-34 weeks ideally

3. bring along some props like baby shoes or scans to personalise the shoot

4.include babys siblings or your partner .

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