Shetel and Garin’s real engagement photoshoot on Kenmuir Road

Shetel and Garin took and engagement photoshoot as part of their wedding photography package. An engagement photo shoot gives me an opportunity as a photographer to see how the couple works and acts in front of the camera . They were a little uncomfortable at first but by the end they were really enjoying themselves. With a little direction we got some great engagement photos. We also practice poses that we can maybe use on the wedding day. This helps the wedding couple envision what will happen during their photoshoot at the wedding. So we can practice these and make sure they go off without a hitch on the wedding day. Its a much more relaxed environment to do this in as opposed to the wedding day where there can be a lot of pressure from guests to get back to the proceedings. I loved their natural, slightly shy smiles when they look at each other. Watch this space for their wedding story ūüôā

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