Proposal Photoshoot Johannesburg with Michael and Candice

I always think its so romantic when a guy goes all out for the woman he loves. This proposal photoshoot johannesburg took place at Michael’s home. While he distracted Candice his family with the help of elegant moments were busy setting this beautiful outdoor platform. It was complete with balloons , lanterns and fairy lights. Michael wanted the proposal to happen at dusk so we could see all the fairy lights, so timing was really critical with this one. Candice had no idea what was happening and he asked her to wait around the corner until he called. He then stood on the platform as she came through the entrance into this beautiful setting. Needless to say she was a little overwhelmed in the beginning but smiling from ear to ear.

Not wanting to ruin the important moment, most of these photos are actually done without flash and just using ambient light although i did need the flash occasionally.  He did get down on one knee and she definitely said yes :). At the end the family came to congratulate the couple with champagne and of course plenty of photos :).

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