Vidya’s first birthday cake smash with Princess Sofia theme

Vidya came to us on her first birthday to smash cake ! This princess Sofia themed cake smash was a lot of fun . I loved this little girls expression when she got to taste the cake. Mum and dad did not spare anything on the decor so she was in a sea of purple ballooons and decor. Wea also added colourful stars and bubbles for effect during the shoot. Not to mention the great cake with soft butter icing that is easy to get your hands stuck into . It was almost a pity to see it get smashed. Vidya thought so too and was not so keen on getting herself dirty, she is a princess after all 😉 . But we did still get some great shots in and in the end Mum and dad helped to get this cake smash done properly.

Then of course had to have  some great shots with all the family beforehand as Vidya was dressed in her pretty princess outfit. They are such a beautiful family dont you think?

Click on the link for more great cake smash photoshoots and ideas

Well done to this precious family and we hope to see you back for many more photoshoots  🙂



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