Pregnancy photography in studio with Yolanda and Roelof

This pregnancy photography session in studio with Yolanda and Roelof took place  a week before the birth of their first child. They had to do it so late as Yolanda was still quite small and not showing so much. In this case it is better to wait as late as possible . But there is a risk that you might have the baby before we can do the maternity shoot.   Yolanda brought her own maternity outfits for the photoshoot . Her first choice was a light and airy lime green dress with a floral gown  which works really well with her skin tone. The tight fitting dress also helps to accentuate her belly while the gown adds some flow and movement into the photos. The second was a formal neutral black outfit which works just as well. Although my preference was definitely with the first outfit. Which is yours? If you want to bring your own outfits for a maternity shoot check out this article for inspiration. what to wear for a maternity session

We kept the shoot very simple as the couple wanted this . All photos were done in studio at my home. For more maternity sessions and ideas you can visit the maternity and baby photography blog section



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