Photography package investments

Renphotos recognises that it may be difficult to pay lump sums for photography. Especially if you are planning a wedding or a big event . These amounts sometimes just don’t seem possible. With this in mind we are offering the option to pay off your photography package . Photography package investments are a way to manage your budget and make sure you can afford it.  This is valid for any photography package where you will be spending 2500 rand or more. We call this an investment because that is what it is . Its an investment in your memories be it family, a milestone event or a wedding day.

Here are some advantages :

Your date and time will be secured as soon as your first payment is made.

You can manage your budget and plan accordingly every month.

You can continue to pay even after your event as long as 60% has been paid by your event date.

Payment plans start form as little as 20% of your photography package. From then with set monthly payments this can be more manageable for you.

Your payment plan can be flexible to suit your needs

In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel only the first 20% is non refundable. Any other balances you have paid will be refunded.

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