Marks 21st Birthday themed party – Photobooth theme Day of the dead

Mark and his family chose to celebrate his birthday party with the Day of the dead theme as his birthday falls on the 2nd of November around Halloween. As this theme requires dressing up and make up they also chose to hire our photobooth for the event. As who could miss an opportunity to record these beautiful faces? We personalise the prints from the photobooth with the theme Day of the dead as per the clients specifications. So they supply us with the artwork and we then put a mock print together so they can see what the end result would look like. Then on the day you just add the willing and crazy people to take the photos with 🙂 Tequila generally helps in this instance . It definitely did with this party.

Its good to note the photobooth is freestanding and open so there is no background to it – you can create your own and personalise it even further :).

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