Reasons to hire a photobooth in Johannseburg

Hiring a photo booth in johannesburg might seem like an extra un-needed expense when you are planning your wedding or event. But  truthfully a photo booth can really add value to your event . If you need some help deciding on this here are some great reasons why its a good idea to hire one.

A photo booth offers great entertainment for guests

Probably the main reason you are looking at a photo booth in the first place is to entertain your guests either at a wedding or event. This really works. It helps when there are lulls in the day and people are waiting around for something to happen. For instance when the wedding couple goes off to have their photos taken. If your photobooth is set up this gives guests something to do in the interim. It also gives people an excuse to get to know each other better – bonding over a funny shared photo definitely helps .

You can use the printed photos as wedding favours or mementos of your event or even advertising your brand

Our package for a photo booth in johannesburg includes unlimited prints from the booth during the time of your hire. The great thing about this is you can also personalize the prints . For a wedding you can add your names and date for instance . If its a company event you could add your company logo. Or simply a thank you message for attending either a wedding or event. These prints inevitably end up on someones fridge for instance where it will be a happy memory , or it will advertise your business.

photo booth in johannesburg personalised images

You get to keep all the photos digitally from the photo booth session

In addition to the instant prints from the photobooth the photos taken are also stored digitally and given to you on USB at the end of the event or wedding. These photos are often great fun to look back on as people get to be more silly in front of this camera and really let loose. The photos often bring lots of laughs and fond memories of your special day.

photo booth in johannesburg photo collage

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