The Photography packages I offer

These are the photography packagesI have on offer. There are wedding photography packages , maternity and newborn photography packages and matric photography packages . The other categories offer a flat hourly rate on pricing but you can still add photography print options if you would like to.

Wedding photography packages

My wedding  packages range from 4000 to 16000 rand . They include some travel and photobook or canvas printing options .Some of them do include an engagement photography session as well. They are all based on a certain amount of hours. All of the wedding packages are highly customiseable . So if you do not find a photography package that suits what you need exactly then contact me and I will see what can be done. Also if you are not sure how much time you will need for your wedding photographer then ask me . I will send you a list of questions that you can answer which will help me to establish a timeline for you and recommend a package accordingly. The photography print options are also removable so if you dont have a budget for this you dont have to worry. You can still take the package and decide on print options later or not at all if you prefer.

Maternity and Newborn photography combinations

Maternity and newborn photography generally goes hand in hand. So I have put together some combinations to make this a bit more affordable than a basic flat hourly rate. You can choose to have just a maternity or newborn on its own or you can combine . Newborn photography generally needs a minimum of 2 hours. However a lot of the time is just getting baby to settle and sleep and setting up the shot. Which is why you will get a lot less photos from the session but it takes a lot longer. Check out the various options available and if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask.

Matric farewell Photography packages

Matric farewell packages  range according to the time thats needed and the amount of people that would be in the photoshoot. For an hour photoshoot with a matric couple and a few family members the normal hourly rate would apply. But for larger groups of matrics and their families different pricing can apply. Contact me to arrange a customised quote as this will depend on your individual needs.

Lifestyle and event photography pricing

There are no set packages for some genres but rather a flat hourly rate.

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