Newborn photo session introducing Phathutshedzo

This Newborn photo session is part of a combo maternity and newborn package that Segomotso and Bafana took. You can view their maternity photo session here. Their maternity shoot was done at about 8 months, and then we awaited the arrival of Phathutshedzo . We waited a few days after she was born for the umbilical cord to come off as mum was a bit worried about this . But she was a very easy going baby and so easy to photograph, not a tear during the whole shoot . She was awake for the entire time though but we still manage to get her wrapped really easily .  This can be an issue if your baby is awake which is why i normally prefer if they are sleeping. We arent always this lucky with newborn shoots and I normally prefer to do the shoot as early as possible . As the baby gets older they become more active and you are less likely to get nice poses in wraps etc. As they are moving too much by that stage and are more aware of what is happening. So remember this when you want to book and plan for your own newborn photoshoot 🙂

Check out this link for more great tips on how to prepare for your newborn photoshoot



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