Matric Photos with horses at Vega in Benoni

Charisma and Nathan wanted something a little different for their end of year graduation. So I recommended they have their photos taken at vega equestrian centre in Benoni. This is an example of matric photos with horses . Both Charisma and Nathans families joined us for the photoshoot . We used a horse named Gunston in most of the photos. As he is a beautiful Dun colour and this went really well with Charismas dress colour. He is also a quiet pony and stands patiently with people as we take the photos, so he is great for people that dont really know how to handle horses. Having a horse in your photos just adds a different element and makes the final result stand out from the crowd.  But Vega itself is also a beautiful location for other reasons. It has broken down buildings, wide open spaces and a gum tree forest. These can all be great backgrounds for a photographer.  We would like to congratulate Charisma and Nathan on your graduation and we wish you all the best in the years to come.

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