Matric photos at Highveld Honey Farms in Benoni

Its that time again and Matric season is once again in full swing :). We’ve had some really nice shoots this year . To start off  these matric photos were done at Highveld Honey Farms in Benoni. This new venue I am using for photos is really turning out to be a winner. Its quite forgiving in that there is a lot of shade so shoots can be done earlier in the day if necessary. Although at sunset there is still some amazing light to work with through the trees as well . The venue has two sides to it. One is more a luxurious garden scene while the other is a ranch style look with a nice wooden railed driveway which was perfect to get photos with the matrics car.

For a matric photoshoot its the perfect location as its easy to access and forgiving for those in a fancy dress and stiletto heels. It gives a lot of variety as well as you can see. As these two are not a couple its also great to get photos of each of them seperately as well during the photoshoot.  One thing to remember is to relax and have fun during the shoot. Its your time to show off your good looks and strut your stuff like these two did :).

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