Small range of Maternity skirts for hire

Maternity photoshoots are a chance to get extra creative. One of the ways we can do this is with maternity skirts for hire . These skirts and dress have been specially made for photoshoots. They are light material which helps to create more movement and add some drama to the images, or just as a pretty addition to your outfit ., so they are very versatile. The skirts can be worn with lingerie or a vest and hot pants underneath as well. There is also a full dress you can hire to put underneath as well, or if you have your own dress and the colours match you can bring that along to your photoshoot and we can put them together. They skirts are adjustable so one size fits all. There are several colours and patterns available to suit everyones taste.

The charge is 150 rand per skirt and 300 for the dress underneath which can be worn on its own or with a skirt over it. Also the skirts can be worn in studio or outdoor but just remember that they can be a little see through because of the light material so choosing a private venue is probably best if you want to use the skirts with lingerie etc. I have often take =n photos on the street by my house as a combination studio shoot . This works quite well and gives you some variety in background.

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