Marketing photography Johannesburg at Kingsmead College

This marketing photography johannesburg photoshoot is for Kings Foundation . This is a Non profit organisation that develops children through sport. They held this camp at Kingsmead College in Rosebank. Some of the photos were set up specifically for the foundation. However most of the photos from this day were documenting the day as it happened. The kids have a great time making new friends while learning more about sports and being active rather than being in front of a tv or computer. Most of the photos are not posed which makes for more natural “in the moment” photos. This is in line with what the company wants to show as they provide a unique and authentic experience. The children go through several activities during the day and learn how to work in teams as part of the camp process. This type of marketing photography does take time. The whole shoot took me two days to complete. This is because we are not posing the children but rather waiting for the moments to happen naturally . This means it is more difficult to get things like clean backgrounds or smiling children in all the photos which is why it takes more time.

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