Johannesburg cake smash photography session with Ethan

This Johannesburg cake smash photography session was to celebrate Ethan’s first birthday . Ethan’s mum Simone brought balloons and a hat . He wasnt too sure about everything to start but soon was exploring the studio. Then mum brought out his gorgeous cake with Tom and Jerry. made with soft cream so its easy to break up. This is really important when you choose a cake for your cake smash. The easier it is to break the icing on the top the better photos you are likely to get.  It didnt take long for Ethan to get his hands dirty. Its amazing how quickly that can happen ! 🙂

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If you are thinking of having your own cake smash photoshoot,  This article gives some insight into what to expect from a cake smash photo session and what you need to bring

Its really important to know what to expect from a cake smash . You also need to be prepared for the fact that your child might not like it . But If you are patient and let them get into the cake by themselves, nine times out of ten we get great images 🙂 So read up on what to expect and we hope to see you soon!


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