How to plan your wedding day with your photography in mind

Planning your wedding day can be quite challenging as there are a lot of things to consider. But one of the most important factors are your wedding photographs. Many wedding photographers have packages that are time based. So how do you know how much time you need to book your photographer for? The trick is to put a timeline together that allows you the time to get all the important photos done. Below are some tips on how to plan for your wedding day photography and put a timeline together.

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Gather the information you will need for your timeline

I generally send a list of questions to my clients when they aren’t sure how much time they are going to need for their wedding day photos. Answering these questions helps me to put a rough timeline together which can then be tweaked later if necessary.  Below are some of the questions i would typically ask. Having an idea of wedding photography budget also helps me to see what package will suit your pocket as well.

wedding photography questions

  • Will everything be happening at the same venue?
  • Will the bride and groom both be getting ready at that venue?
  • Do you want everything covered from getting ready to end of reception formalities?
  • what time is the ceremony ?
  • what time would you like the reception to start by?
  • do you have a set budget and if so what is it?


work around the wedding couple photos taking place in the golden hour

If you aren’t sure what time to have your ceremony then its best to work backwards from the wedding couple photos. Although it is possible to have the photos earlier if necessary, the best results will be during the golden hour. This is normally the last hour before sunset and gives you the best light. As you don’t want to have your guests waiting around too much after the ceremony you can work backwards from this. For example if sunset is at 6 pm then you want the couple photos to be between 5.30 to 6pm. Bridal party photos would be before that from around 5-5.30 and family photos 4.30 to 5pm. So your ceremony should be finishing around 4.30 pm in this case. I generally allow an hour for the ceremony as there is a lot to consider – the bride is normally a few minutes late, the walk in takes time, as does the signing and confetti after the ceremony. So in this case you would look at having your ceremony around 3.30pm.

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Your wedding photography timeline is not set in stone

It is important to remember that nothing is set in stone on your wedding day and things often run over time. To avoid getting stressed over time always try and allow extra in case things do run over. And remember things can be moved around . Your photographer should be flexible enough to allow this as long as they know what is happening beforehand. This article should give you a good start to putting your wedding photography timeline together and what you need to do first. The second part will follow soon so keep checking the blog 🙂



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