What to do with your guests during the wedding photo session

Keeping your wedding guests entertained during the wedding photo session is always a challenge. While the bride and groom are running around with the photographer how do you stop your guests getting bored? The time may seem really short to the photographer and bridal couple , but the reality is it can take up to two hours to get the bridal couple portraits and family photos done as well as the bridal party pics. Guests often complain that they have been waiting for ages for the bride and groom to come in to the reception. So here are some Ideas to keep them entertained during that time and make sure the time goes by as fast for them as it does for you.

Wedding Lawn games

Lawn games at a wedding are becoming increasingly popular recently. Giant jenga, batonk, bowls and croquet are all options for this. Its a great way for your guests to get to know one another and also something for them to do during this period


Wedding Cocktails and canapes

I almost think that serving welcome drinks and canapes or small eats after the ceremony should be a necessity. Everyone is more crabby on an empty stomach so having something to fill it with will definitely keep your guests occupied. If this stretches beyond your budget then talk to your venue about making the canapes as your starter option instead of also including a starter in the reception. You can also open the bar after the ceremony so that people are able to buy drinks if they wish to.

A photobooth

Photobooths are always a winner at weddings , and the cocktail hour is the best time to have this set up when the guests have nothing else to do. You can hire an automated photobooth or you could just set up a backdrop and get some fun props that people can mess around with . Either way the age of the selfie is definitely upon us and everyone loves to get in front of a camera!

Wedding Message board

Something else that your guests can do during this time is fill in messages to the bridal couple. Traditionally this is a way for people to give the newlyweds advice, but it does not have to be . There are a variety of creative ways to do this from a book or canvas using your engagement photos as background, to a wooden frame, to stone messages, the list is endless. Here are some great examples.

Kiddies play area

If you are allowing children at your wedding then a kids play area should be a must . This will help to keep the little ones entertained and the parents will definitely thank you for it later.

Think outside the box

Depending on where your wedding is being held and your budget you could arrange a tour of your wedding venue . For instance if you are getting married on a game farm you could arrange a game drive. Or if you are getting married on a wine farm you could arrange a tour of the vineyards or wine cellars. Of course this is not possible with every venue but it is definitely a fun and unique option for your guests.


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