Of all the wedding photos you can have the getting ready photos are often the ones that get overlooked. Yet to tell the complete story of your wedding day these are quite important photos. I spend a minimum of roughly two hours before the ceremony capturing these moments . You may be thinking thats a lot of time for a few photos – but it really is not. There is so much detail that needs to be captured and coordinated in these moments. Here are some getting ready wedding photo must haves that you may not have thought about.

The guys getting ready wedding photo must haves

While the girls are still in the beginning phases of their transformation I normally start with the guys. This is relatively quick and we do photos of a few moments such as putting on socks and shoes and the best man helping with the tie and jacket. Its also a good time to get group photos of the guys together. Sharing a drink or cigar is a popular group photo here.

Make up and Hair wedding photos

The bride and bridesmaids spend a lot of time and money getting their hair and make up done on the wedding day. This is an important part of the getting ready phase. Although I dont need to be there for the entire time this is being done,  I do need a few shots of these moments. You can also get a shot of the bride and bridesmaids together in their dressing gowns etc  before they start to get ready.

Bridesmaids getting ready

The bridesmaids should be ready before the bride so that they are fully dressed in the photos. There are some nice moments to be captured of bridesmaids helping each other with dress and details here. You can also get great shots of bridesmaids watching the bridal make up being done or a flower girl looking at the wedding dress. These fleeting moments are often not seen by the bride and can become real treasures later on.

Putting on the dress

Of course we dont need the entire process here – although some brides do like to do a bit of a boudoir session before putting on the dress. But generally once the dress is at a decent level we begin photographing the details. Important photos here are wide shots of everyone fussing over the bride, close ups of the brides expression as she transforms into the bride,  And of course doing up the zip or ties at the back of the dress .

Wedding Garter and shoes

This normally comes after the dress and can be either the bride alone or the maid of honour helping the bride with these things. The garter can be a sexy shot for the groom to cherish later .  Everyone knows the bride has carefully selected the shoes she wants to wear on her special day and this warrants a great photo!

Jewelry and perfume

Next comes the jewelry and perfume photos . Again the bridesmaids or the bride alone can do this. I like to mix and match and ask different people to do different things here so they all have a part in the story.

First look from the parents

Mum and dad generally come in at some point during this process. Mum might come in a bit earlier and be part of the actual getting ready stages.  But either way its always nice to capture the expression of the parents as they see their daughter for the first time in a wedding dress. You can do this with the groom as well if you choose to .

Putting on the veil

This is generally something I reserve for the mother of the bride if there is a veil. This is a very tender and intimate moment and there is something magical about a mother folding down the veil  dont you think?

Bride with  bridesmaids and alone

Finally we finish off with portraits of the bride ready. Classic portraits are a must and then some more creative ones like looking in the mirror are great options. Time is generally running out by this stage though . If there is time its also good to get photos of the bride and bridesmaids together so you don’t have to worry about this later.

So as you can see there is plenty to do before the actual ceremony .  Of course things never quite go according to plan on a wedding day so we always need to try and work around that as well. I hope this gives you some insight into what needs to be done. Below are some examples of what we’ve talked about.




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