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Christening event photography | Grace Noa
Romaen Tiffin

Christening event photography with Baby Grace in Boksburg Natasha called me to capture this special christening event photography session for

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Marketing and Event Photography

Event photography refers to general events which need to be photographed without really posing people etc. A good example would be a kids birthday party, or A conference hall etc.  Event photography can still have posed images in it but it would be a lot more relaxed and does not have to be on specific backgrounds or lighting etc – its more spur of the moment or as it happens kind of photography. I am there to document the event for you and tell the story with good quality imagery. It also allows you the time and space to do all the other things you need to do for your event without having to worry about keeping a record of it and photograph everything as well.

So what is the difference between and event and marketing photoshoot?

Marketing photography on the other hand is a completely different genre and it is important to understand the difference here . This is because people often ask me to cover an event as the pricing is more cost effective – thinking they can use those photos as marketing material . It cannot work this way. Especially things like product or food photography need to be set up with the correct lighting , backgrounds, etc and is very controlled. professional models can be used for fashion or specific marketing purposes. There can be hair and make up and styling to create the right look.

All of these things bring you the final product which you then see on brochures , professional websites, social media and branding campaigns. If you want this done properly please make sure you are clear from the start that this is a marketing photoshoot and not a general event.



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