Pros and Cons of first look wedding photos

First look wedding photos have been a trend for a while. The Bride and groom have  a sneak preview of each other before the ceremony instead of sticking to tradition and only seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony. This is a tough decision to make so here are some pros and cons on this.

Pros of first look wedding photos

The main advantage is that you dont have to wait until after your ceremony to do your couple and bridal party photographs. You can get these done before the ceremony and save time . Your guests wont be complaining that they had to wait around while you went and had your photos taken . This takes the pressure off the photographer as well as they will have more time to construct and get creative with your photos. The result is better wedding couple photos for you.

The next advantage is that if you are going to get a really emotional moment on camera this is probably going to be it. The emotions before the actual ceremony are normally pretty high and there wont be the added pressure of everyone staring at you in the ceremony area. So the couple are free to be themselves and this often results in raw emotions and creates some great photo moments.

And here are some Cons

If you love wedding tradition then its ok to skip this option. Or rather do the first look with your parents or grandparents or bridesmaids. They still give great emotional photos , especially dad and daughter. This way you can still get to see each other for the first time at the ceremony instead and still have some great emotional shots, it just wont be the bride and groom.

Or you can do a first look without the look. The couple below chose to hold hands without seeing each other and pray together before their wedding. How cute is this?

first look wedding photos

It does also add pressure on the couple. The bride might expect the groom to burst into tears and this is not always the case so they might feel disappointed. Which is not great just before your wedding ceremony. So as long as you dont have too many expectations of how this moment should go you will be alright but if you do then rather leave this out.

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