A First Birthday Cake smash photoshoot for Rorisang

Rorisang and Her family came to visit the studio for her first birthday cake smash photoshoot.  This birthday celebration was of course a new experience for her. She loved being the centre of attention . The family dressed up in mickey mouse themed outfits. We also did a couple of outfit changes with Rorisang to get some variety in her photos. She really had fun watching her parents make funny faces behind the camera. This little trick often helps create amazing smiles so be prepared to do some of the work when you come for your cake smash photo session! Finally her birthday cake was all pink and gold and too pretty to actually smash.  My recommendation in this case is to bring a seperate cake to smash  and keep the fancy one for the birthday party. So her parents decided to only give her some of the decorations from the cake to get her hands dirty with. I love her expression as she discovers the sugary taste of cake. Don’t you?

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