First Anniversary couple photoshoot at Rusted Memories Factory Benoni

Helen and Jacques chose to celebrate one year of marriage with a first anniversary couple photoshoot. They chose Rusted memories factory as the venue for their photos. The couple were married in August 2018  so we set up the photos to be as close to their wedding anniversary as possible. The lights t that time of year is normally really pretty and orange , and did not disappoint on this day either. Rusted memories has a lot to offer in terms of photography . There is plenty to use for props and backgrounds , or if you prefer a more natural look there is a gum tree forest and open field as well. It is a very rustic venue as the name suggests. But has a beautiful old age charm about it which is perfect for a couple photoshoot like this.

The couple clearly loves each other very much . They were very comfortable in front of the camera so this makes the photography much easier as well. Congratulations on one year of Marriage Helen and Jacques .

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We look forward  to seeing you for your couple photoshoot soon 🙂


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