Family studio and Outdoor photography combo session

Lerusha brought her family for another photoshoot after the birth of their second son. To mark this milestone they chose to have a family studio and outdoor photography combo shoot. We focused mainly on the new addition to the family but also took several photos of all the family together and various combinations. Also to give a different background we did some photos in the street outside the studio. This is a good option in summer . There is a lot of shade as the street is lined with oak trees. It means these photoshoots can be done any time of day and lighting will not be an issue as its in open shade and studio.

Their first born son has become such a character so full of life and energy. You may remember his story from their first photoshoot. Its great to see how far he has come after such a rocky start. However I am happy to report that their new baby boy is very healthy and had no problems whatsoever . Its such an honour to be able to record their little lives and watch them grow .

If you are interested in having a family photoshoot done there is a lot to consider . Check out this article to get you started on what to wear for your family photoshoot.


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