Family Photography in Benoni | Anne Justin and Brandon

This Family photography in benoni is a really special photoshoot that I have had the honour of doing. Brandon was born prematurely a year ago. After birth he developed something called NEC and as a result has had multiple issues to deal with . He has spent most of his first year in and out of hospital and has also been on something called TPN most of his life. But this little guy is one heck of a fighter. Though it has been touch and go a lot of the time for him he has come through thick and thin . His doting parents have a lot to do with his positive nature I think as it has been really tough on them as well. But somehow they have managed to keep smiling through it all. So it was such a pleasure to finally be able to do this family photoshoot for them. You have never seen such happy faces in your life :). You can see more about Brandons story on his facebook page Brandon Braveheart Grant Fan Club. Show your support for these beautiful people 🙂

To Anne Justin and Brandon you are really so inspirational stay strong and keep fighting !




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