Here are Some advantages of engagement photoshoots

A lot of the wedding couples I meet have difficulty deciding if they should have an engagement photoshoot done or not. So I have put together some reasons why engagement photoshoots are a good idea. I hope this helps.

You can use the photos for your save the dates and invites

The number one reason to have an engagement photoshoot is so that you can use the photos for your invites . The photos are professionally taken and you have your best face forward. You will also be spoilt for choice as the photographer should take photos from various angles and give you different options for this.

Its good practice for the wedding day

Some couples have never had a professional photoshoot done before this so they dont know what to expect. An engagement photoshoot allows them time to experience what a photoshoot is like without the stress of the wedding in the background. Furthermore you can try out different poses you might like for the wedidng day and see what works for you. Also if you use your wedding venue as the engagement shoot location you can scope out where the best spots are for photos and try them out.

Its a reality check

It helps to realise that its quite hard work to get those spectacular shots and it may mean walking on rough terrain etc. its better to get these done in an engagement setting than trying to do this in 6 inch heels and a wedding dress that is difficult to walk in,. But at least with the engagement shoot if you want to do something like getting on a horse or walking to the top of a rocky outcrop you can do this in the engagement photoshoot and not worry so much about hair and make up and tearing your ten thousand rand dress.  And if you still want to do those shots on your wedding day at least you are mentally prepared for it 🙂

Its something different from your wedding photos

Most people do have professionals take their wedding photos in their wedding attire at the wedding venue. With engagement photoshoots you can choose a more casual different outfit , and a different venue or setting to your wedding venue to give you some variety . Even if you use your wedding venue for the engagement shoot these photos will still be very different to the ones you will get on your wedding day. Often the engagement shoot is done at least 4-6 months before the wedding so it will also be a different season , different lighting , different weather and colouring etc.

It’s Opportunity to communicate with your photographer

It helps to see how the photographer works and you will be more comfortable on your wedding day with them. It also helps me as the photographer to see what you are like in front of the camera. Everyone has a different personality and this helps me to prepare for that. Use the opportunity to communicate with the photographer about any particular styles or poses you like . The photoshoot is about you and what you want 🙂

I hope this helps you to decide on your engagement photoshoot  – Below are some examples of previous engagement photoshoots I have done. Click on the images to view and keep smiling 🙂

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  • Felicity
    May 8, 2018, 3:32 pm  Reply

    Hi how much does it cost for the shoot?

    • Romaen Tiffin
      May 10, 2018, 7:12 pm

      hi felicity the pricing can all be seen on the packages section

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