Proposal Photos At Emperors Palace,Col’cacchio restaurant

This Emperors palace proposal photoshoot was just too romantic for words. Levesh really put so much effort in to surprise Rebecca and she was completely bowled over. The couple have been together for four years and their first date was at Col’Cacchio restaurant at Emperors Palace. Levesh really wanted this to be a surprise for Rebecca so we decided to start off with a couple photoshoot at D’oreale Grande so she would not be suspicious and this this was her anniversary present.

We then said we would like to do some photos at col’cacchios as this was where they first met. Unknown to Rebecca the team there had already been prepped. So once the couple were settled in to a booth upstairs they brought up a brownie – the meal they shared on their first date… And Levesh got down on one knee! The pictures say it all. It truly was a beautiful moment. I just love the raw emotion in these pictures! To top it off There was one more surprise to be had – Levesh presented Rebecca with tickets to victoria falls for the weekend… Well done Levesh! Now thats how you propose 🙂 Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this special moment and congratulations :).

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