East Rand Couple Photoshoot – Johan and Tamlyn

Johan wanted to do something special for his girlfriend Tamlyn. He Chose to surprise her with a couple photoshoot. Naturally I was only too happy to oblige I love being part of the behind the scenes crew when people want to do something nice for their significant other:).  It makes for great genuinely happy photos normally as well. Johan chose to do their east rand couple photoshoot on Kenmuir road which offers wide open spaces and bushveld grass. Its also a free and public place to use. This was a complete surprise for Tamlyn. It wasnt just an ordinary  couple photoshoot either though.  We did a few normal photos and then made the photoshoot very unique and personal for them. Johan is a crossfit junkie and Tamlyn is a ballerina. We used these elements to create something very special for them . Check out the results below!

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These will help you to prepare and know what to expect beforehand and make sure you are more relaxed during the shoot :).

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