Detail wedding photo must haves

Detail photos can often be overlooked at a wedding and considered not as important as some of the other shots you need to get. But while photos like the first kiss and putting on the rings are very important, detail photos are what pulls the story together. This makes them equally important and should have as much attention as your other wedding photos. Here are some of the detail wedding photo must haves you may not have thought of and need to take into consideration.

Reception and ceremony area photos

The reception and ceremony areas are where you spend a lot of time on your wedding day and also determine the look and feel of your wedding . A colour scheme or theme should be captured on camera to give your story that feel. After spending so much on decor you often dont get to see what it looks like all set up before all your guests are in those areas. This is where your photographer comes in so you can see the photos of the set up later .

Photos of your Wedding Venue

johannesburg wedding photographer venue viewing

If you have chosen a great wedding venue there is most likely a reason you have gone for this venue. It may be a great view or it fits in with the feel for your wedding. Either way you should get some great shots of the venue and any signage which shows this was your wedding day at that venue. These overall shots are also great scene setters for your wedding story.

Wedding Dress , Suit and accessories

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These items also have a big significance in your detail wedding photo must haves. While the decor normally follows a theme or colours etc the dress and suit are how you want to show yourself off on your wedding day. Be sure to get these items photographed before you have them on as well. And don’t forget all those accessories you have also bought for the occasion. Your shoes, garter, bouquet ,  jewellery, perfume and cologne , cufflinks , tie , etc are all accessories that come with the wedding day.

The wedding rings

johannesburg wedding photography props

One of the definites you need to get are the wedding rings. This timeless symbol is a really important one for a wedding day . Be sure to have your photographer capture a creative shot of these for you.


Any items that personalise your wedding

johannesburg wedding photography props

Finally you should focus on any small details that personalise your wedding. Traditionally people may use something old, new, borrowed and blue, but there are plenty of other ways to make your wedding unique to you. Remembering people who are no longer with you is another one, Or items such as unity candles. Or on a lighter note even items such as funky socks :).

Below are some great detail shots to think about.

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