Here are some cute couple poses to consider for your couple photoshoot,engagement or wedding photos.

So you have seen these great  couple photos on pinterest but every time you try take a photo as a couple it just doesnt come out the same? Here are some simple cute couple poses that you can try out whether you are with a pro photographer or on your own just taking a few snaps. Here are also a few simple tips and tricks to help you get that great natural looking photo.

where to look

The obvious thing to do is to look straight at the camera. But if you want your pose to look more natural then the easiest way to do this is to look away from the camera. you can either both look off into the distance in the same direction, or in opposite directions, or you can look at each other. This last one is often the best for the couple pose as it often sparks a spontaneous laugh  or a kiss.

holding hands

This is always a cute way to express intimacy between a couple and there are several ways to use it – while walking, standing facing each other, a close up , fingers interlocking, you can really play around with a few different options here


Kissing poses are always romantic. But remember not to press too much on the lips. It might be what you normally do but for a photo the best option is to keep your heads straight and be gentle :). again there are several options you can do with hands – her hands on his chest, around his neck or holding hands in front, or he can have a hand on her cheek or waist . Kissing also doesn’t have to be on the lips it can be on the forehead, cheek, nose or shoulder and all can be equally romantic. You can also get great shots as a couple almost kissing but not quite. Its often a really nice one to do at sunset.

sitting down

When you run out of standing pose ideas you can also consider some sitting or lying down poses . The woman can sit in between his legs or back to back. The man can kneel and she can lean against his knee. Or if you prefer to lie down you can lie on your backs with heads together . You might want to consider a picnic blanket for these. Although it does look more natural when you sit on the bare ground this is sometimes not an option. It can be more difficult than it sounds

Always have fun

Above all remember to have fun during the photoshoot. This is by far the most important element – its no secret that the more relaxed you are the more natural your poses will be . So whatever that thing is that makes you more relaxed, if its props, staring at your partner, jumping in the air or just being silly, just do it. I can guarantee the more willing you are the better photos you will get.  I sometimes ask a couple to just stand together holding hands and talking. All while I move around them with the camera. They are more likely to forget that I am there and their faces change . They are less aware of the camera. If i am lucky I get great natural laughs and intimate moments. These are completely unposed and often the most beautiful part of a photoshoot.

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