Creative Ideas For your Maternity photography session

A Maternity photography session is a great way to celebrate baby coming into the world and can be a lot of fun with lots of creative ideas. However the poses you can do to show off your belly can sometimes be a bit limiting. Lucky there are so many ways you can get creative with maternity shoots . Here are just some great maternity photography ideas to get you thinking about what you would like to do.

Dress up with Maternity dresses and skirts.

If you really want to add some flare to your photos then a maternity dress can really help to do this. You can check out some of the options at belly beautiful for hire. Renphotos also offers some great skirts which can be worn over a dress or just with a vest and hot pants even to also add something extra into your maternity photoshoot.

 Bring on the baby props

This is one photoshoot where you can definitely use props to personalise your photoshoot and have some fun. The good news is you also dont have to go and buy or hire props for this shoot, as generally you will already have items such as baby shoes, scans and baby clothes . You can also use cost effective items such as balloons and a chalk board for additional ideas.

Add some floral head gear

Floral head bands help to soften up the look and give your photos a romantic feel which is always great fro mums to be. It also helps to frame your face nicely. If you can get one that matches your maternity dress even better. Renphotos also offers floral headbands in different shapes and sizes along with the skirts on offer.

Get the family involved

Its also a great idea to get the family involved in the shoot. This opens a variety of different poses and can be really cute with the baby’s siblings . Dads and siblings can also help with the skirts and maternity dresses, getting them to “float” around mum and her belly.

Boudoir Maternity photography

You can combine these two photography genres for a maternity photoshoot that really shows off the belly. It will also help to make mum feel great. A little lingerie really goes a long way , and for the more conservative you can still cover up the intimate areas while showing off your belly. Some Maternity dresses allow for this as well so if this interests you be sure to ask for this kind of dress.  Otherwise items like dads shirt or a scarf can also be used creatively to only show the belly.

Other more ” out there” maternity photography ideas

If none of the above ideas really grab you then there are still more unique ideas. These may take a bit more planning and effort on your part but the results will be worth it. Some examples include milk baths and painted bellies. You could also consider milestone photos where you come and have a photo done every month as the belly grows , and then after baby is born. Add ons to a maternity shoot could also include surprising dad or the family with the baby announcement . Or doing a gender reveal photoshoot.  There are so many options we are waiting to help you with 🙂 See some of them below…


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