How to choose a wedding venue that will give you great photos on your wedding day

Choosing a wedding venue can be an overwhelming task as there are so many in gauteng . Being a photographer there are certain elements I have learned to look for at wedding venues which really help me to get great photos. So below are some tips to help you narrow down your search and ultimately give you great photos !

Example pictures are from Bell Amour wedding venue in Pretoria – this venue has so many great elements that make for amazing photos. Calvin And Megans recent wedding was photographed here – click this link to see more from their wedding.

  1.  light airy rooms for getting ready and lots of space.

Choosing a wedding venue with light and space in the room the bride will get ready is an important factor – there are generally 2-3 bridesmaids as well as the bride, hair and make up artists, photographer and videographer who need to fit into this space while the bride is getting ready. They all come with a lot of baggage and a small room can very quickly become cluttered with things like hairspray and lipstick. Then there are always people coming to visit during this time. In short it can become quite chaotic. Ideally you would like to keep one room where you will do the actual getting ready photos completely clear of all this clutter . Having a white ceiling and light coloured walls, or large windows and curtains is also a bonus as this allows more light for the photographer.


2. Places for both the bride and groom to get ready at the venue

It is also a bonus if there is a seperate area where the groom can get ready at the venue out of sight of the brides room . This means everything happens at one venue and the photographer does not have to drive anywhere . Most wedding photography packages are time based and run as consecutive hours so you will not be wasting precious time with driving around to different venues where the bride and groom will be getting ready.

3. Big open ceremony areas

Like the bridal room , the ceremony area should also be light and spaceous. Calvin and Megan chose to get married outdoors in the vineyard. But bell amour also has a beautiful open chapel – there is still a roof which allows even light for the photography, but the sides are open so there is plenty of space to move around the guests and get different angles without causing a distraction . This also allows more light in. Having the ceremony outdoors is also a great option as there is more space but bear in mind the time of day you will be getting married and if your guests will be in the sun. Also the light may be a bit harsh still around 3pm when most ceremonies take place so there will be areas with too much light and too much shadow.

4. Picturesque areas where you can take your wedding couple photos

This should be an obvious one but find a venue that has somewhere you can take beautiful couple pictures away from the guests . Wide open spaces are generally a good option. This venue has thought this through really well as the spots where you would like to take photos run east to west such as the vineyard and lavender gardens. This means you can get beautiful sunset photos over the vineyard or golden light photos facing the other way . It is a good idea to visit the venues you are shortlisting at around the time of day your couple photos would be taken so you can see how the light changes.

Bell Amour wedding pretoria - choosing a wedding venue

5. Check what decor if any is included in your wedding venue package

Does the venue have the look and feel in the reception hall that you like? do they supply table cloths? Or the wooden tiffany chairs you always dreamed of? These are key factors when choosing a wedding venue because this will determine the look of your reception hall . If these items are not included you would have to hire them from somewhere else at an extra expense. Which is ok if its in your budget but just be sure to check what is included. Having to compromise on the decor you have envisioned because your venue is too expensive is a tough choice. But you would have to decide what is most important to you in the end.

6. In conclusion

In conclusion choosing a wedding venue that will give you great wedding photographs is important. The pictures are what will last after this one special day. So use these tips and tricks to help you narrow down your search . Every photographer is different but in my opinion these factors definitely help me get better shots for my bridal couples.




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