Carnival theme Cake smash photoshoot with Kailash

This fun and colourful carnival theme cake smash photoshoot was to celebrate one year old Kailash’s birthday . Kailash’s parents went all out to celebrate this little ones special day. With popcorn and colourful flags surrounding him and a beautiful carnival cake in the centre. However Kailash did seem more interested in the popcorn for the majority of the shoot . But we did manage to get some great shots of him in his outfit and with all the decor. It can be great fun but one important thing to remember with a cake smash is to be patient and let your little boy or girl make their own way with the cake. Forcing hands into the cake hardly ever results in a happy ending. Also it may be an idea to let them get used to getting a bit dirty in the weeks leading up to the cake smash as if they are used to only being clean then they are not likely to enjoy themselves during the smashing .

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