Caleb’s Cake smash photography in Studio

Caleb has turned one year old and what better way to celebrate your birthday than with cake smash photography in studio? Mum made this homemade cake for him to get his hands dirty with.  He absolutely loved every minute of it! At first he kind of looked at us in disbelief. Not quite understanding this was all for him. But after a few minutes he had his hands dirty and was munching away like his life depended on it :). If you want to bring your child for a cake smash its important to remember that they will be getting dirty. Heres one insider tip – If you have spent the first year always cleaning them up and not allowing them to get dirty they are unlikely to enjoy this experience so much.

But for this little guy this was a real treat. Its been a lot of fun capturing these moments of his life. I have also photographed the maternity and newborn photoshoots and had the privilege of watching this little guy grow .

For more tips on how to prepare your baby for a cake smash photoshoot check out this article on the essential guide to preparing for a cake smash


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