Marketing Photography with Dillan’s Boxing Profile photoshoot

This marketing photography session was for Dillan who is an amateur Boxer about to turn professional. He required a Boxing profile photoshoot to have photos for marketing and advertising himself and his Brand. The photos were done at VIP Boxing Gym in Benoni. This is where he has been training for years. For the photos I wanted to give him a variety of poses and scenes with different backgrounds and lighting . The Gym was the perfect place to do this . We started with photos warming up and putting gloves on. Then moved on to photos in professional boxing gear with Gloves . We also used the boxing ring as a background as well as a plain background for different shots . We wish Dillan all the best in his future as a professional Boxer :).

For extra props we did some photos with the punching bag and ropes which create some great dramatic moments. Boxing is all about the drama so we used some simple special effects to create this as well, spraying water in between Dillan and a light . This creates the misty effect you see in some of the photos and works really well .

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