Boksburg Matric Dance photoshoot- Danielle And Walter

This fairytale Boksburg Matric dance photoshoot at Heavens Gate. This beautiful venue offers some amazing backgrounds. The weeping willows all over the venue really make it quite romantic. Not to mention the ponds and lakes with swans and other birdlife in the park. There is also a white peacock which if you are lucky enough might spread his tail feathers out in a spectacular display. The bridges are also lined with fairy lights that come on at Dusk. We were able to use the venue late in the afternoon as it was still light around 5pm. As the couple have actually been together for some time we could make this a romantic matric photoshoot and they were comfortable with each other. The venue is a very serene setting . We did quite a few photos with fairy lights and bridges as this offers natural leading lines. The weeping willow trees which are beautiful and green in summer create amazing backdrops as well.

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