Benoni Matric dance photos at Vega equestrian

CJ and Shani chose to hae their Benoni Matric dance photos at vega equestrian centre. This means they could have a horse or two in their photos as well as some beautiful backgrounds. As they are already a couple we could do some more romantic couple poses with them as well.  We started with a rather feisty Aries as our horse of choice for some of the photos but as neither of them know horses too well I brought in Gunstan who is a bit quieter later on as this was a safer option for everyone involved. Gunstan is a really pretty Dun colour as well so this went perfectly with Shani’s dusty pink dress colour. Matric photoshoots always tend to happen on the same day so its important to get your booking in early to make sure you have the right light and time for your photoshoot.  This couple booked nice and early and so they were able to have the prime photo time at golden hour while the sun was setting. This really adds to the mood of the photos, especially for a couple photoshoot like this one.

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