So you are considering annual family photoshoots and packages?

We all know that its important to capture great memories of our kids growing up and milestones in our lives. But capturing this on your phone sometimes just doesnt do the trick and the photos are never quite what you want them to be. So the answer is to go for a professional photoshoot. Now some of you may think that this is an extra expense that you dont need, so here are some of the benefits of annual family photoshoots and packages.

Discounted Prices

The first and most obvious advantage of annual family photoshoots and packages is that Renphotos offers discounts for returning customers. This starts at 10 percent if photoshoots are in the same year and can be more depending on how many photoshoots you come for. So you can know that your family memories are safely taken care of at an affordable price.

Package deals also offer discounted prices. For instance you can take a maternity and newborn photo package which includes a 1 hour maternity shoot and 2 hour newborn for 1800 rand. If you took these two shoots seperately the cost would be 2100 rand so you save 300 rand just by taking a package. we are highly flexible in this regard and if you have other shoots you want to bundle please speak to me about customised pricing to suit your needs.

Capture all stages of growing up

Children really grow up so fast. Before you know it two or three years have passed by before you have done a photoshoot. By securing an annual photoshoot for you and your family you can make sure you capture each stage of growing up and not miss out . With a professional photographer you  get great shots of everyone in the family as well.

Children get used to the camera and photographer

By coming back annually or for different milestones you will find that your children and even yourselves will get used to the camera and become more comfortable. This means you get much more natural looks and can actually enjoy the photoshoot more.

Try out different locations and themes

If you have an annual photoshoot you can use different locations every year. Or try out different themes and props each year to make this more enjoyable . This means your photos will be more dynamic and have a different feel every year . So you dont have to worry about doing the same thing over and over. While you are at it you can also try different seasons and outfits as well.

Good family time

Lastly its a great way for the family to get together and spend some time. Whether you keep it just to your immediate family or include extended family by the end of the session everyone has generally had a great time together.  This can become something you can all enjoy and get creative with. Its not just about the photoshoot its about the planning and collaborating to come up with something great. So have fun 🙂


Check out the lifestyle packages section for more info on pricing and packages or contact me for a customised solution.




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