Zandile’s Annual family photoshoot Johannesburg

Having an annual family photoshoot in Johannesburg is great because there are so many different venues and options to choose from. Also its a great way to get the family together and keep record of your children growing up. Zandile does this annually with her family. Normally with a different photographer each time. This time she chose to bring her family to renphotos so we did a photoshoot on kenmuir road in benoni. The family showed their experience in coming perfectly dressed for the occasion. They were in shades of blue, pink and beige so this was complimented perfectly with the backgrounds available on Kenmuir. The eucalyptus trees add a silvery blue background colour.  The veld grass gives warm beige tones as well.  The children loved being in front of the camera and weren’t afraid at all. Which can often be the case if you have not done regular photoshoots.

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