6 Great DIY photobooth background ideas

A great addition to any party, event or wedding is definitely the photobooth. Renphotos offers a great photobooth option which gives both prints and digital images. In addition it is an open booth which means more people can fit in front of the camera, you are not limited to where you can put it and you can get creative with the backrop. With that in mind here are some great DIY photobooth background ideas that are really simple and easy to make as well as being cost effective and easy on the pocket.

Easy photobooth backdrops

  1. A Bamboo screen makes a great natural background. You can then spruce up with a floral arrangement or something simpler like colourful flags. the choice is yours!
  2. Pallet wood offers a similar photobooth backdrop solutio to the bamboo and you can get creative with decorating these as well.
  3. Colourful ribbon or crepe paper will make a really fun and colourful background. There is nothing to it just tie them to a pole that can be put on a stand.
  4. Hessian and bunting flags – Hessian provides a solid neutral background which can then be decorated with bunting flags. it is such a simple solution which is often the best as the main focus will be on the people in the photo after all.
  5. A sheet over fairy lights. This offers an elegant and subtle background which is great for weddings where you want a soft romantic feel.
  6. Balloons are a great option for any kind of decor. and can be bought in just about any colour. Just be sure to fill them with helium so they float to give you a photobooth backdrop.

Still looking for more ideas and inspiration? Check out this link on DIY photo backdrops you can try today


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