Lornia chose to celebrate her 27th birthday photoshoot in studio here in Benoni. She brought her boyfriend along and a few props that she had ready for her party later that day. We did some normal photos of course as well within the hour. But then moved on to more fun poses and celebratory images. Her props included balloons and champagne and of course its not a birthday without cake. The best thing about this is we did the shoot on the same day as her party so she did not have to go and buy new props. She could use the same props she was using for her birthday party. So by the end she has some great memories of her birthday and her party all wrapped into one big happy set of photos.

Lornia’s Birthday Celebration photos in Studio

Birthday photoshoots are a great way to celebrate your birthday and have great memories of the special day. So if you would like to see more images of photos taken in studio please check out the studio photography blog category And if you need some inspiration for your own birthday photoshoot why not take a look at these themes and ideas for birthday photoshoots


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